What has been done, what we are doing now and what we are planning to do
✅Done: 1st April 2021 — Launch of Olive.cash with huge APY for Pairs and Single 2nd April 2021 — Avalanche farm launch with few initial pools. 3rd April 2021 — Dex.Guru listing. 5th April 2021 — Avalanche Swap and Farm launch. 6th April 2021 — LiveCoinWatch listing. 7th April 2021 — DappRadar listing. 8th April 2021 — markr.io listing. 8th April 2021 — Beefy Valuls were added. 9th April 2021 — info.olive.cash Analytics site was released. 11th April 2021 - Olive Garden was introduced and implemented on Avalanche chain. 12th April 2021 — Avax-projects and DefiLlama listings. 12-14th April 2021 — SporeFinance and ELK.Finance added to Olive Garden on Avalanche. 14th April 2021 — BSC and vfat.tools listings. 15th April 2021 — Applied to Audit by Techrate 16th April 2021 — Partnership with Snowballs: Let’s play Snowballs in Olive Garden. 19th April 2021 — Farm and Pool with Snowballs were added. 20th April 2021 —Nomics and CoinGecko listings. 21st April 2021 — Partnership with SporeFinance: You will be drowning in Spores 26th April 2021 — BSC side was migrated to v2 PancakeSwap LP. 27th April 2021 — Two new Pools in the Olive Garden - Winter never ends 28th April 2021 — New Pool and Farm in the Olive Garden - Welcome LydiaFinance 29th April 2021 — Big token burn! BSC side ~30k $Olive and Avalanche side ~1000 $Olive to burn. 30th April 2021 — Spora Pool BSC, 2000 new Wallets Airdrop. 30th Arpril 2021 - TOP 3 Avalance DEX based on TVL https://imgur.com/Dd8VzWj 3rd May 2021 — Spora Pool Avax, Doge Pool BSC. 5th May 2021 — Gondola Finance Pool and Farm at Avalanche. 7th May 2021 — AquaGoat Pool and Farm BSC. 11th May 2021 —Fly high with Birdy Finance 12th May 2021 —Don’t let Moon be safe with UnSafeMoon 13th May 2021 —Crypto Monkey Empire 14th May 2021 — Welcome Sled.Finance with two tokens 15th May 2021 — Do you like dogs as we like them 18th May 2021 — Bounty Program for Partnership Hunters. 19th May 2021 — Welcome Complus Network 20th May 2021 — Welcome Zero Exchange 25th May 2021 — Welcome FARMAGEDDON 31st May 2021 — Auto-Compounding Pool BSC is now live! 1st June 2021 — Neko, Leopard, GAPT 2nd June 2021 — Avalaunch, 3rd June 2021 — Auto-Compound Pool Avalanche is deployed. 4th June 2021 — Take care of your safety with MR.ROOBOT 6th June 2021 — Olive Fire Show was implemented at Avalanche chain. 7th June 2021 — MoonRabbit 8th June 2021 — MKC 11th June 2021 —AS SWEET AS BUBBLEGUM 14th June 2021 —WSPP, UltraNFT, TeamTrees, Beryl, Brigadeiro 21th June 2021 — Little Rabbit, Charix, Truck Driver, To Uranus, Avaware, ColdKoala, Lydia, 27th June 2021 — CoinMarketCap listing. 28th June 2021 — InuNeko, GAP 5th July 2021 —FB, BBG, UNFT, LAIKA, BLAST 12th July 2021 — Brigadeiro, MKC, ROTO, GAPT, EGGC, LTRBT 25th August 2021 - DeBank listing 1st September 2021 — Composed Burning/Airdrop milestones. (twice per month) 8th September 2021 — Fantom Opera chain unlocked. 9th September 2021 — Bounty program for code contributors, volunteers, media influencers. Rewards for community contributors were distributed first time (~8000$).
1st October 2021 - Babyswap lising.
1st November 2021 - Rewards for community contributors were distributed second time (~1600$).
9th November 2021 - Launched first pool with new concepr Farm-as-a-Service https://twitter.com/OliveCashBsc/status/1457944187823869952
23th November 2021 — New Polygon chain unlocked.
In progress: Development(routine). New Partnerships (new Pools and Farms).
Listings. New DEXes and Wallets listings.
Development. New protocols to support Olive tokens.
📝Backlog(On hold):
👨‍💻 Add new Chains (Cronos, Harmony, Arbitrum, HECO etc). 🧘‍♂️ Bridge Avalanche <-> BSC <-> Fantom <-> Polygon for Olive tokens (check community opinion about priority). ⭐️ Comminity demand features: Lottery, Predictions, IFO etc. ☘️ NFT marketplace where people can buy and sell NFTs.
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