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How can use OliveCash on Polygon chain?
How can I buy $Olive on Fantom Opera Chain?
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    If you have BNB convert it to Usdc(bep20) through PCS.
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    Go to http://bridge.evodefi.com Select BSC to Fantom Unlock wallet Press send
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    Once you'll receive your usdc(Fantom) covert it to FTM for gas purposes.
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    Buy fOlive using FTM on OliveCash.
How can I buy $Olive on Avalanche Chain? 1. Buy $AVAX on exchange 2. Withdraw $AVAX to your X-Chain address 3. CrossChain Swap your $AVAX from X-Chain > C-Chain (in https://wallet.avax.network) 4. Create a new Wallet with MetaMask (Browser Extension) 5. Add the Avalanche Network to MetaMask 6. Send your $AVAX from C-Chain wallet to your MetaMask Browser Extension Wallet address 7. Go to Swap and Buy $Olive How to use OliveCash on BSC with TrustWallet? Video tutorial Video tutorial by Crypto Ray How to use OliveCash on Avalanche (Liquidity Staking) Video tutorial How to use OliveCash Pools on Avalanche Video tutorial How to configure Metamask to connect Avalanche? https://support.avalabs.org/en/articles/4626956-how-do-i-set-up-metamask-on-avalanche Give me your money and I teach you marketing (spam, shilling, etc) Plan is to have a natural grow by building good product and making few partnership with other BSC and AVAX projects. We dont really want to just spam this group everywhere
Why OliveSwap is better or have any value added against other DEX? We really enjoy the DeFi movement. We studied a lot of projects in ETH/BSC/Avax chains since 2017. And we build our own solid infrastructure with the Mixture of Best Practice and Solutions. - we are going to pay many Olives for those who provide liquidity via OliveSwap (APR is the biggest on Avalanche) - we are great developers, and deliver more features than others DEXes. Where Timelock? Hey guys regarding timelock! We didn't introduce one yet, because we gonna add new farms regularly. There is no any ruggable function in contract, you can review by yourself. No migrator, no tokenPerBlock change, not even a Syrup bug. Nothing that can rug you, so no worries about that. If you find any reason to add timelock, we will add it for you.
When burn? We are working on implementation of the Olive Fire Show. Check our Roadmap! When rug? Why rug with we can build amazing things, working on this project really drive us. When audit? Our code is audited by many community devs, and verified by time. We can discuss with you any line of code (check our repo) When bridge? Yes, we planned to build a bridge between two chains (BSC<>Avalanche) on the first day of the project. But now move implementation of bridge to one month. Cause we can't mint Olive tokens in both chains and we have to motivate our Olive holder to take part in liquidity providing for special Bridge Pool. Why did olive cash stop showing price on trust wallet? TrustWallet shows Olive price when it has 100k Trading Volume. Have a question? Ask it in Community channel or Fill the form
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