Intro Details can be found in two Medium Articles and 2 minutes video. Medium Article One: Аnother step towards moon Medium Article Two: OliveSwap Comes to Avalanche Youtube Overview: First Look at Olive Cash - OliveSwap now live on $AVAX Ticker: Olive Token
Contract address: 0x617724974218A18769020A70162165A539c07E8a Master Chef: 0x5A9710f3f23053573301C2aB5024D0a43A461E80 Site: https://avax.olive.cash/ Block to start staking: 914777 Fair launch
  1. 1.
    Farming will start at block 914777 Date: April-02-2021 08:57:30 PM +4 UTC
  2. 2.
    Before farming starts, you can deposit to farming pools, but no rewards until launch
  3. 3.
    There is No pre-sale.
  4. 4.
    Dev will pre-mint only 2 Olive for liquidity, it’s fair for not holding much Tokens in Dev’s hand.
Yield farming compensations
For brave Avalanche liquidity providers and yield farmers, OliveSwap offers excellent rewards. Out of the small 0.2% swap compensation, OliveSwap grants roughly 0.17% of every swap directly to liquidity providers while 0.03% is sent to treasury. Treasury will be used for developer needs, marketing and token burns. 👨‍💻Technical details: Site: https://swap.olive.cash Token address: 0x617724974218A18769020A70162165A539c07E8a Router address: 0x0c45FB63001b56a21e29c7dcc1727bfDA273a368 Router Reference documentation Factory address: 0x4Fe4D8b01A56706Bc6CaD26E8C59D0C7169976b3 Factory Reference documentation 🌳Our Pairs: Olive/USDT Olive/AVAX USDT/AVAX SUSHI/AVAX ETH/AVAX WBTC/AVAX PNG/AVAX DAI/USDT
🔐Safety and Audit
We chose to fork Pancakes’s contracts for our base protocol since they have stood the test of time. This will allow our users to interpret the integrity/security of our protocol easily. Simply compare our deployed contracts with Pancakes’s repository so anyone with an understanding of solidity will be able to look through the code, compare Pancakes and OliveSwap side-by-side, and conclude that OliveSwap is safe.
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