Olive Garden
Olive Garden Pools: its a place where new tokens meet the Olive.Cash community!
Olive Garden Pools allow projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to OLIVE token holders.
Olive Garden Pool is split into two sections: Core and Community.
  • The Core project will be initially selected by the OliveCash team.
  • The Community projects will pass a community vote on social networks.
Note that any project will be able to distribute tokens via Olive Garden Pool, but only projects that win a vote would be listed on the swap interface as a default option (to discourage scams).
Why would projects want to participate?
Since OliveCash has had the launch on Avalanche, Olive Garden Pool projects will allow projects to receive market attention by issuing tokens to the big and active Avalanche community.
Projects will also receive an immediate default listing on the OliveCash interface, obtaining priority promotion on the exchange (by ranking temporarily first in selecting tokens on the website). I have a project and want to participate! Just start filling this form. We will reach you and setup everything as soon as possible.
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